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  • What career should I choose?
  • Which University should I choose?
  • What is the scope of my career?
  • Which is the best Engineering Branch to choose from?
  • What are my career options after BSc/BA?
  • What professional course can I choose to Boost my career?
  • Which could be a good preschool for my Kid?
  • Which is best elementary/preschool in my area for my kid?
  • What are the best career options in my field of expertise?
  • What should I choose after my High school or 10+2?
  • After my Graduation should I get into a Job Directly and gain experience or should I go for a Post-Graduation course?
  • There are so many stories about going abroad and getting job there, am I eligible for one?
  • Shall I complete my higher studies in India or Go abroad?

"A good decision is based on Knowledge and not on numbers." - Plato

Does these questions sound familiar? Are these some of the questions which pop up in your mind and makes you uncomfortable looking for the right answers or at least a place where you can find some options or solution to help you further decide.

We are in the Information age today, aren’t we? The unfortunate part is that there is a lot of information which makes our job more complex rather than getting it simpler. Moreover, it is difficult to really know the source where the information is flowing from.

Decision making could be a herculean task when it comes to choosing a right school, college, course, university and eventually a career.

The crux of the matter is that it is not only difficult but confusing and time-consuming as well.

If you are a Parent, Student, someone in the mid of their career or even the one to start your career, you have landed up at the right place and your search could end here.

We can help you in bridging the gap between opinion, knowledge, myths and facts and build a strong story to carve your niche or your kids future by helping you take a good decision through the help of our platform.

As the name suggest careerdost can be a very good friend a Mentor/Coach and everyone would have heard that “A friend in Need is a Friend indeed”.

This platform addresses parents, (playgroup, elementary schools) students and young working professional’s groups, and embrace the education and career counselling space. We can be a friend who can bridge this gap, by providing reviews on career, courses, advisories, exam information, rankings and much more as your friend (dost) in the neighborhood. The information we provide is based on in-depth research and backed by authenticated data.

You can leverage our platform and AIM the sky for your next career move.

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