Verbal and Synonym Analogy – In Similar Way (Aptitude, Examples, Answer, Explanation)

Questions on Verbal Analogy

Q.1: Odometer is to mileage as compass is to:
A. Speed
B. Hiking
C. Needle
D. Direction
Answer: D. Direction
Explanation: We get to know mileage of a vehicle by odometer and in similar way we get to know direction by a compass.

Q.2: Marathon is to race as hibernation is to:
A. Winter
B. Bear
C. Dream
D. Sleep
Answer: D. Sleep
Explanation: The answer is sleep since long race is called Marathon and similarly a long sleep is called hibernation. So, it is one of the example of Synonym Analogy.

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Q.3: Window is to pane as book is to:
A. Novel
B. Glass
C. Cover
D. Page
Answer: D. Page
Explanation: The answer is Page. Since, a window is made up of panes and in similar way book is made up of pages.

Q.4: Cup is to coffee as bowl is to:
A. Dish
B. Soup
C. Spoon
D. Food
Answer: B. Soup
Explanation: Cup is used to hold coffee in the similar way bowl is used to have soup.

Q.5: Yard is to inch as quart is to:
A. Gallon
B. Ounce
C. Milk
D. Liquid
Answer: B. Ounce
Explanation: Yard is larger than inch (1 yard = 36 inches). In the same way 1 quart = 32 ounces, i.e, quart is larger than ounce.

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Q.6: Elated is to despondent as enlightened is to:
A. Aware
B. Ignorant
C. Miserable
D. Tolerant
Answer: B. Ignorant
Explanation: Elated is the opposite of despondent, similarly enlightened is the opposite of ignorant.

Q.7: Optimist is to cheerful as pessimist is to:
A. Gloomy
B. Mean
C. Petty
D. Helpful
Answer: A. Gloomy
Explanation: The answer is Gloomy. Since, Optimist appears to be cheerful in any environment in the same way a pessimist appears to be gloomy. So, it is again an example of Synonym Analogy.

Q.8: Reptile is to lizard as flower is to:
A. Petal
B. Stem
C. Daisy
D. Alligator
Answer: C. Daisy
Explanation: A lizard is a type of reptile, similarly a daisy is a type of flower.

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Q.9: Play is to actor as concert is to:
A. Symphony
B. Musician
C. Piano
D. Percussion
Answer: B. Musician
Explanation: An actor performs in a play, similarly a musician performs at a concert.

Q.10: Sponge is to porous as rubber is to:
A. Massive
B. Solid
C. Elastic
D. Inflexible
Answer: C. Elastic
Explanation: A sponge is a porous material and rubber is an elastic material.

Q.11: Careful is too cautious as boastful is to:
A. Arrogant
B. Humble
C. Joyful
D. Suspicious
Answer: A. Arrogant
Explanation: As careful and cautious are synonyms, similarly boastful and arrogant are also synonyms.

Q.12: Pen is to poet as needle is to:
A. Thread
B. Button
C. Sewing
D. Tailor
Answer: D. Tailor
Explanation: As pen is a tool used by a poet, similarly a needle is a tool used by a tailor.

Q.13: Carbon : Diamond :: Corundum : ?
A. Garnet
B. Pearl
C. Pukhraj
D. Ruby
Answer: D. Ruby
Explanation: As Diamond is the most valuable variety of the Carbon mineral, similarly Ruby is the most valuable variety of the corundum mineral species.

Q.14: Canada : Ottawa :: Cambodia : ?
A. Brasilia
B. Phnom Penh
C. Luanda
D. Vienna
Answer: B. Phnom Penh
Explanation: Country : Capital

Q.15: Australia : Canberra :: Armenia : ?
A. Kabul
B. Yerevan
C. Dhaka
D. Sofia
Answer: B. Yerevan
Explanation: Country : Capital