List of Questions and Answers

How to Answer - Parenting Tips

General questions on parenting and how to deal with them in the best possible way.

  • What does your child like the most?
  • What does your child dislike the most?
  • Any special incident or memorable moment that you would like to share about your child?
  • How do you define successful parenting?
  • How do you expect the school to contribute in your child's life?
  • How do you deal with discipline issues with your child?
  • How do you spend your quality time with your child?
  • What do you do when your child throw tantrums?
  • What should we do when a child misbehaves in front of others?
  • What do you want your child to become in the future?
He loves cycling. He goes out in evening for cycling but otherwise also he would sit on his bicycle only to move from one room to another.
My child who is 2.5 years at the moment, for him the best time is what he spend with his sibling, there is no better teacher than his sister for him, whatever she says or does has to be instantly imitated. It helps me in a way to teach him a lot of positive things through his sister moreover there is development of emotional bonding between them which in the long run helps in improvement of behavior.
My child is a boy and as most boys he loves his cars and bicycle. His best moments are either making a train out of all the cars making them go over flyovers/ speed breakers (pillow or our limbs) & parking them or riding his bike with his cousin. And if he is in not so active mood. He loves to sit on my lap and read a book. He also loves making puzzles.
He gets really angry when someone snatches his toys from his hands.
I would like to share something that I feel makes my daughter 'Ananya' very special for me and my family. My father and mother in law went through a major accident when she was 1 year old. They were on bed for 8 months and she saw me and my husband doing everything possible to make them happy and heal their wounds.

Now, what makes her so special is that she feels, it is her responsibility to take care of her grandfather and grandmother. Small things like giving them water from fridge, taking out their shoes, handling them their stick, holding their hands while climbing stairs, etc... makes us feel proud of her. In a way we as a parent became her role model and made her learn to respect elders n help others in need.

My husband bought a small piggy bank for him, he is a very inquisitive child, so we explained him that we'll put coin in the piggy bank and once it is full we will buy a new toy for him.

Now, he makes sure to put coins in the piggy bank. And now wherever he would see coins he would ask us to put them in the piggy bank :) We all could save around 650/- in one month which was sufficient for him to get a new toy. I am happy that he is so responsible to tell me also to put coins in the piggy bank.

Successful Parenting means giving child a comfort level where he/she can share anything with you. He doesn’t really have to look for friends/company outside to express himself.
A successful parenting is all about "Understanding". A parent has to understand their child, and to also develop and inculcate values where he/she understands you. Successful parent has to be Patient, a good listener, approachable and friendly (not over friendly though)
Successful parenting is transforming a child from a stone to a beautiful sculpture.
Successful parenting means to give ample space and time to your child to grow. And "Spend Quality (not Quantity) time with your child."
Successful parenting is not rearing good children but becoming good parents.
Successful parenting is giving your child a good life with discipline and social values. He should know what is right/ wrong. Don’t force your wishes on them. They always take you as a role model for their future. If they like to spend time with you, they will treat you as a friend and share everything.

They should know the importance of family, education etc. Specially a good human being. When other people refer your child as a role model for their child; then that is what can be defined as a successful parenting.

Successful parenting is to give free environment with the "Circle of Rules" which makes your child independent enough to take decisions.
We expect the school should provide a pleasant environment for the child to groom in a positive manner. We want the teachers to respect our child as individual and teach our child in ways that are enjoyable & useful.

Children always have a great bit to learn before they are grown. We would expect the school to help our child expand his social skills, guided by the school staff as and when needed.

The reality is that most of the days, our child will spend half of his waking time at school. We want him to get the most out of that time, in terms of both constructive and fun.

Good teaching and care for our child. To help them understand the difference between right and wrong hence grow their personality.

As most of the activity time she will spend in school with the peers and teachers, our expectation from teachers is encourage our child to participate. Also with full support guidance from teacher we will be able to understand in what areas our child is lacking and how can we contribute to enhance her skill or knowledge.

Expectations from school is to inculcate the right value systems in the child-to help build important traits like honesty, integrity and make the child a good human being.

School should provide self-learning ability in child as this goes throughout life and will help him in long term, school should enable child to take his/her decision with pros/cons.

I suppose it all depends on the child and the age. My daughter is easy. Just the tone of my voice or telling her that I'm disappointed in what she has done, seems to be enough. She knows I love her but not necessarily what she is doing or does. Taking the lead to teach how to act in a proper, respectful and safe manner solves most of such issues.
Discipline is about teaching the child how to learn right from wrong. Discipline is to encourage moral, physical and intellectual development, responsibility in children e.g I asked my daughter to keep all toys back after playing then your room will be neat and clean than others. This is the part of discipline with responsibility.
For us quality rules over quantity, at the end of the day if you are able to teach even one new word/ one new activity/ one new game or even sensitize the child to one issue be it social/ environmental, with equal involvement your purpose of spending time is achieved.
Play Blocks, Read books, Make Crafts (drawing, paint), cricket, football, simply run around, conversations, watch videos (Rhymes and other learning Videos and poems).
Try to listen to her each activity which she did at home or at play school. Ask her about her friends. What she learnt today at school. Play with her manner's game, pictures etc. All the things which makes her feel that I am her friend also with whom she can share everything.
I try to convince my child that what she is doing is not right with reasoning, and if still she doesn't understand then I try to divert her attention by her favorite activities and once she is calm and cool then I try to explain her again what is right.
I try to divert his attention by engaging him in any of his favorite activity like water painting, sorting color bullets and keeping them in separate cups, watering plants or by just telling him stories about his favorite characters

I feel there are certain times when it is best to ignore him for a while. It works...

Well, all parents must have gone through this. It is more challenging than embarrassing. There is no single thumb rule as every child is different & shall behave differently in a given situation.

The very first thing that I do it to divert her attention but if this does not help I ignore her & stop paying attention to her tantrums. She becomes normal in some time. This has always worked.

Remain calm enough to handle the tantrum properly. The worst thing parents can do is have a temper tantrum over their child's temper tantrum. Remember that your child's tantrum is NOT necessarily a way to "get his way", but could be the result of frustration, lack of needed attention from you, or even a physical problem, like pain or digestive problems! Offer your child a choice of coping strategies.

For example, your son wants ice cream, but it's too close to dinner. Say: "Son, you're really getting upset now. Calm down or you'll have to go to your room." Stem your own rising frustration level. Try to determine the cause of the tantrum. Do not reward the tantrum. If the parents give in, tantrums become a launching point for the child—a way to deal with the world socially. Explain to the child that you will talk to him or her when he or she calms down.

Avoid trying to reason with any child who is in the middle of a full-blown tantrum, especially in a public place. Discuss the behavior with your child once the tantrum has ended.

Discouraging bad behavior in children can be tricky. I believe we should try to encourage children to act appropriately because of the logical consequences of their behavior. These consequences can be positive with a kind deed or negative with an inappropriate action. This holds true for children of different ages, but applying logical consequences early on, can have lasting effects.

As parents our tone is very important when we are disciplining. A tone which is soft and in control is always preferable. Even a child who misbehaves a lot behaves positively sometimes. Find those times and reinforce them.

I would definitely not decide what my child wants to become and wants to do in life. But I would definitely want to become a role model for him. And for that I have to be on my toes and ensure that I become a good human being.