Infographic on Major Trends in Preschool - India (2017)

by Careerdost | 4th September 2017

Trends in Preschool

  • About 11.5% of the urban children between 2 to 4 years of age are going to preschool in India
  • Preschool is a fast growing market and is attracting investments from many private players
  • Preschool chains are moving up the value chain by upgrading to K-12 schools to ensure scalability
  • Demand is increasing in Tier II and Tier III cities with the growing awareness among people to send their kids to preschools

Major Players in Preschool Business

  • The dominant presence of major players in preschool business as seen in various parts of Indian subcontinent have been segregated along with their market presence
  • Kidzee, Bachpan, Eurokids and Shemrock have been dominating with respect to expansion and opening their centres and branches across India

Major Competitors in Indian Preschool Sector

  • Among Kidzee, Bachpan and Eurokids there are about 15 major chains and 24 small players active in the preschool market
  • Other players in the market are Tree House, Little Elly, Kangaroo Kids, Mother's Pride, Podar Jumbo Kids, Little Pearls, and few more

Presence in India

  • Kidzee, Bachpan, and Eurokids have a PAN India presence
  • Shemrock is mostly present in North & East India
  • Few are state specific:
  • Apple Kids is prevalent in Tamil Nadu
  • Tree House chain is more active in Maharashtra
  • Mother’s Pride is active in Delhi & NCR Regions
  • Few are city specific:
  • Little Elly is more specific to Bangalore
  • Kangaroo Kids is more active in Mumbai

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