HR Interview: 10 Most Common Banking Interview Questions for Freshers

General Banking related Interview Questions for freshers that are most widely asked are:

Define CAPM

CAPM is the capital asset pricing model, and it is a model designed to find the expected return on an investment and therefore the appropriate discount rate for a company’s cash flows.

What is Accretion and Dilution?

Accretion is asset growth through addition or expansion. Accretion can occur through a company’s internal development or by way of mergers and acquisitions. Dilution is a reduction in earnings per share of stock that occurs when additional shares are issued or the stock changes into convertible securities.

What is Working Capital?

Working capital is the amount of liquid assets a company has on hand. It amounts to current assets and cash minus current liabilities.

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Keep yourself updated on these topics:

  1. RBI Governors, Deputy Governors and Current Chiefs of all Indian Important Financial Agencies
  2. How to Fight Inflation and Current Indian Scenario about Inflation
  3. RBI Key Monetary Policy Rates and their Current Value
  4. Difference between Fiscal and Monetary Policy?
  5. Number of Districts in your and nearby States, Governor, Chief Justices, Chief Election Commissioners, Chief Minister and other Ministers of Your State (Like Education, Tourism Ministers)
  6. Latest Noble Prize Winners, Padma Awards Winners – Latest January 2019, Miss India, Miss World Miss Universe, etc.
  7. Direct and Indirect Taxes In India
  8. Important People of India – Chief of Planning Commission and Election Commission Etc. CM and Governors of All States
  9. RBI's Role in Economy
  10. Important Banking Terms:
    • NABARD, SEBI, IRDA, Bank account types and Rate of Interests, CTS (Cheque Truncation System)
    • What is Inflation? It is good or Bad ?and how can it be controlled?
    • What is FDI? Is it Good or Bad? Limit of FDI in various Sectors in India? How is it Different From FII?
    • What is Stock Exchange? How many are there in India? Number of Shares on NSE and BSE?

The Brain Teaser questions:

A snail climbs a 10 foot pole. It climbs 3 feet every day and sleeps at night. While sleeping, it slides down by 1 foot. When does it reach the top?

You might think the snail climbs a net of two feet a day and so reaches the top of the 10 foot pole at the end of five days. This is wrong. On the morning of day five, the snail starts out at the eight foot mark after sliding down from the nine foot mark overnight. It reaches the top of the pole two thirds of the way through the fifth day and then stops, because there’s nowhere else to go.

You have 8 red socks and 11 blue socks in a drawer. They are identical but for the color, you must select your socks in the dark. How many socks, at a minimum, must you take out of your sock drawer before you have a matching pair?

The answer is 3. Two socks can be different, but the third sock must always match one of the first two.

Remember that although you know these terms and current affairs related to banking and common issues, yet these questions do not play a big role in determining your selection or rejection. Even if you do not know an answer, genuinely say "No Idea Sir!" rather than wasting time and trying to fool them with random answers, it's just not worth it!