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Info-graphic on Major Trends in Preschool - India (2017)

An infographic on major trends in Preschool Business, major competitors, market capitalization and their presence in India - 2017. Major trends observed - Preschool chains are moving up the value chain by upgrading to K-12 schools to ensure scalability... more

by Careerdost | 4th September 2017

Info-graphic on College Rankings in India (2017)

An infographic on a Statista report on Indian College Rankings for 2017 - Engineering, Management, Arts, Educational and Pharmacy College's. The 1st stat represents the ranking of the highest Engineering College’s across India in 2017, based on score... more

by Careerdost | 5th September 2017

4 simple steps to choose a Preschool for your Child

Choosing the right preschool for your child is not difficult and we will show you the way. The criteria for selecting the right preschool is about a little preparation. By Preparation we mean a clarity of thought that what you are looking for your kid in a preschool... more

by Amit Sharma | 7th September 2017

How to crack Civil Services: Inspiring Stories from Toppers

UPSC IAS topper Tina Dabi cracking the list in the first go, the Delhi girl said, "I did believe that I would make it to the list but becoming rank one that was something beyond my dream."... more

by Careerdost | 30th September 2017